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The unique chemical and physical properties of CHEMIX CASEGUARD™ make it attractive and by far the best option for SCP. The strategy of gradually replacing the annular fluid with a much heavier, solids-free, thin liquid is somewhat obvious and simple to understand.

Managing the fluids in and out of an annulus clearly requires a rigorous risk assessment, and appropriate safety measures must be adopted.


The process can be tailored to accommodate gas, oil, water, or a combination of all three.


It is important to realise that time plays a critical role in a successful application. Once the product is introduced to the annulus and enters the cement micro-fractures, then, gravity takes over, which is why its high density is important.


It is just as important to realise that the well continues to produce throughout the application.


We can offer the CHEMIX CASEGUARD™ application in combination with our partner service companies or advise operators on best practices for using in-house departments or local service providers. 

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