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Sustained Casing Pressure (SCP)

Sustained Casing Pressure (SCP) is defined as any measurable casing pressure that rebuilds after being bled down, attributable to cause(s) other than artificially applied pressures or temperature fluctuations in the well.


The severity will vary from well to well. Older wells are more likely to exhibit SCP but some wells will show some signs of SCP while still drilling.


SCP indicates the failure of a sealing barrier (cement or leaking casing), a common cause is fluid (liquid and/or gas) migration through cement (B, C, and D annuli). 


SCP can be bled off but will return in hours or days.  


The fluid in the annulus may now be contaminated with CO2 and H2S and made more chemically aggressive. 

Are your production wells showing signs of SCP in the B, C, or D annulus?


What is the SCP percentage of MAASP or MAWOP?


What percentage of MAASP is allowed, and are you reaching or exceeding it?


Are any producing wells shut-in or pending shut-in because of SCP?


Are the regulatory bodies (who oversee your licenses) concerned about your SCP levels? 


Do you bleed off annulus pressure, and what fluid is collected?


If you are experiencing any of the above issues with your wells then we may be able to offer you a solution – CHEMIX CASEGUARD™

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