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About Us

Environmental Responsibility and Accountability

The Oil &Gas industry is under increasing environmental scrutiny from governments, investors, NGOs, and the public to address the worldwide issue of SCP and the widely practiced elective bleeding of hydrocarbons from production wells. Such emissions contribute to climate change, with methane being a primary problem. Preventing gases from venting into the atmosphere provides significant economic, safety, and environmental benefits. 


Our mission is to support operators in improving their well integrity, avoiding the loss of a primary barrier envelope in the wellbore containment, ensuring HSE compliance, and addressing steel and cement damage caused by H2S and CO2.

Top Rated

Keep Production Wells producing even when SCP issues threaten a shut down. Satisfy Well Integrity Compliance requirements without resorting to a Workover. Apply CHEMIX CASEGUARD™ to the B, C, and /or D annulus from the wellhead. CHEMIX CASEGUARD™ penetrates further than any other possible solution.

Global Reach

We are a UK-based company with an office in Houston, dedicated to providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to manage SCP in any cemented annulus. We work with both Operators and their preferred Service Companies either individually or working in tandem.


Obligations and Opportunities

50 leading oil companies have pledged during COP28 to reduce methane emissions from production operations to “near-zero.” Methane emissions associated with production can be divided into accidental and intentional. Intentional emissions include bleeding of well annuli for the purpose of temporarily relieving sustained annulus pressures. 


Some leading national oil companies and responsible multinationals have already accepted the challenge of this obligation.


Eliminating the deliberate release of methane during annulus bleeds is highlighted as an important opportunity for the industry to be seen by investors, Regulators, and the wider world as responsible producers and guardians of the climate.

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