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CHEMIX CASEGUARD™ is the proven solution for SCP mitigation in cemented annuli.

CHEMIX CASEGUARD™ was identified in 2014 by a large multi-national consortium operating one of the largest gas condensate fields in the world. It has proved to be the ideal fluid to mitigate SCP.


The consortium observed that the unique chemical and physical properties of CHEMIX CASEGUARD™ heavy brine met ALL of the required performance criteria for a rig-less SCP remediation treatment: 

  • Heavy SG fluid (up to 2.20) for maximum impact – so only small volumes are needed to raise hydrostatic head (pressure) of fluid column in annuli for SCP control and mitigation.

    The higher the SG, the greater the gravitational penetration of micro-fractures.

    Solids-free to eliminate any settling or blocking issues.

  • Low viscosity (+/-5 cP) clear fluid for minimum resistance to flow through the micro-fractures. 

  • ​Chemically and thermally stable, reliable, well control providing the increased hydrostatic fluid head required to stop or minimize further fluid ingress into the annuli from a reservoir or shallower formations.

  • Naturally alkaline pH and excellent corrosion profile do not require any additional inhibition. Can reside in the annulus for the remaining life of the well. 

  • Buffered alkalinity to mitigate the effects of acid gases. Maintains H2S in its less harmful form, bisulfide (HSˉ). 

  • ​Cost effective – a rig-less solution provided by a small injection of heavy fluid into the annulus – much lower cost than a Workover. 

  • ​It has an excellent HSE profile—safe for people and safe for the environment, with no liability issues and no requirement for special precautions or permits. 

  • All-weather, all-climate handling  


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