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Case Histories

CHEMIX CASEGUARD™ is field proven.



  • The gradual replacement of annular fluid and gas cap in the annulus with a heavy brine.


  • This “bleed-and-lube” method requires the frequent extraction of small volumes of annular fluids and gases via the wellhead casing valves and their replacement by an equivalent volume of heavy brine.


  • The fluid swap method does not require the heavy fluid to penetrate cement microfractures as there is sufficient length of annulus uncemented and already fluid filled. Simple replacement of light fluid for heavy fluid is all that is required.


  • Gradually increasing the hydrostatic pressure exerted by the annular fluid can slow or stop the rate of gas ingress into the annulus through channels in failed cement.

Example case history:


B annulus pressure showing the elimination of SCP after CHEMIX CASEGUARD™ injection

  • Previous efforts to reduce or eliminate gas SCP with lighter brine had failed. CHEMIX CASEGUARD™ was introduced to the B annulus and SCP gradually reduced to zero. Subsequently, a 10 bar positive pressure was applied in order to properly observe any changes. Stable with no gas to date.  


Onshore and offshore case histories with much-expanded narratives…


CASEGUARD™ has been successful in Central Asia for various operators over the last six years with excellent success. Specifically, onshore in Kazakhstan for the KPO consortium at their Karachaganak field, treating over 90 wells, and for the two Middle East consortiums (ADNOC and Qatar Energy), both on and offshore. 

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