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Offshore oil rig


CASEGUARD™ is uniquely qualified to counteract annulus pressures and remain resident in the problem annulus for the remaining productive life of the well

Successful SCP mitigation onshore and offshore applying CASEGUARD™
Maintain production while safeguarding well integrity


Delivering a successful solution to sustained casing pressure (SCP) mitigation for both
onshore and offshore wells.

Are your production wells showing signs of SCP in the B, C, or D annulus?


Is your SCP getting to the point where something needs to be done?


Are any producing wells shut-in or pending shut-in because of SCP?


Are the regulatory bodies concerned about your SCP levels?  Is senior management telling you to “fix this”? 

Clean Bubbles

CHEMIX CASEGUARD™ could be the solution

enabling treatment to take place whilst maintaining production and safeguarding well integrity.

CHEMIX CASEGUARD™ has been tested, trialled, approved, and currently used by a major operator in The Middle East.

CASEGUARD™ Capabilities




Onshore oil field engineer SPE paper

SPE Paper

Our Canadian-based partner application company, Inter-Casing Pressure Control Inc. (ICPC), supported by Chemix, is helping operators manage their SCP issues.  In the Middle East, after successful trials, ICPC has been awarded a three-year agreement to mitigate SCP problems onshore and offshore by ADNOC.  ICPC uses a proprietary process utilizing custom-built units to displace annulus effluent using Chemix CASEGUARD™ heavy brine in all cases. 

Coauthored by the Chemix Technical Director, the SPE-216837-MS paper (Adopting Cost Effective Cutting-Edge Technology to Mitigate Cemented Annulus Pressure and Reduce Carbon Footprint) was presented at the ADIPEC Exhibition and Conference in Abu Dhabi, UAE, in October 2023. The paper details some very encouraging field case histories from ADNOC. 

Who We Are

We are a UK-based company with an office in Houston, dedicated to providing innovative and cost-effective solutions to manage SCP in any cemented annulus. We work with both Operators and their preferred Service Companies either individually or working in tandem.

Our technical team will provide initial well assessments, diagnosis recommendations, application proposals, and advice throughout the actual annulus interventions.

Oil SCP Management
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